Why Referrals/Reviews are so Important to a Dental Practice

What is a referral or review? A referral is when a current patient tells a friend or family member that they should go to a particular dental practice for their oral care. They usually say how wonderful we are and how much they love coming to us. Patients don't think about referring their dentist during regular every day life, so sometimes we need to ask them for referrals. We also have an incentive program for patients who are kind enough to send the people they care about to us. There is no better compliment than a referral to our practice.
The next best compliment to our practice is an online review. A review is when a patient takes the time to go online to tell the public about a dental practice so others will know more about that practice. There are many ways to review us online......Google, Facebook, Healthgrades are to name a few. You can even do a video testimonial!! The nice thing about an online referral is it reaches a potentially larger audience which very much helps a dental practice.
Whether you choose to refer us or to do an online review, we very much and truly appreciate it. It helps us grow our practice which will allow us to always offer our patients the very best of care and service.
Gail Benuska, Front Office
Grimley Family Dental